Full Biography

Mohammed Hijab is a Philosopher of Religion and the co-founder of Sapience Institute.  His debates and discussions representing the Islamic viewpoint philosophically, politically and theologically  are some of the most-viewed and engaged with in the world today.  His formal qualifications include the following:

    1. PhD – University of Birmingham (Completing)
    2. MTH in Applied TheologyUniversity of Oxford
    3. MA in Islamic StudiesSOAS University London
    4. MA in HistoryQueen Mary University of London
    5. BA in Politics – Queen Mary University of London 
    6. BA in Islamic Sciences – Al-Azhar (Completing)

Some of Hijab’s Islamic teachers include:

      1. Spoken Arabic Language and masculinity, Umm Mohammed Hijab
      2. 4 years study at the Shinqeeti Institute with Shaykh Ammar wild Salim al Shinqeeti
      3. Memorised the entire Quran (completed one khatmah) at Shatibi Institute/Ibn Al Jaziri Institute – Mostly with Shaykh Ahmed Kamil (of Egypt), Shaykh Jalal Salim (of Egypt), Shaykh Jamal, Shaykh Ayyad Guemar (Algeria) Abdul Nasir (of Somalia), Mona Hussein (of Egypt)
      4. Hanbalite Jurisprudence with Shaykh Omar Ali al Ghazali (of Egypt)
      5. Comparative Fiqh with Shaykh Ahmed al Makawi (of Egypt)
      6. Arabic Grammar, Hadith and Fiqh with Shaykh Akram al Nadwi (of India)
      7. Aqeedah studies with Shaykh Adil bin Ahmed bin Hamid (of Egypt)
      8. Aqeedah studies with Shaykh Abdullah al Ujayri (of Saudi Arabia)
      9. Aqeedah Studies with Shaykh Imran Patel (of India)
      10. Islamic Finance with Shaykh Haitham al Haddad
      11. Shubhuhaat in Uluum al Quran – Shaykh Shoieb Ali (of Egypt)
      12. Dawah mentorship and Philosophy of Self with Hamza Andreas Tzortzis (of Greece)
      13. Dawah mentorship, Usul and personal development Wehelie Khalif (of Somalia)

Some classical books that Hijab has studied include:

      1. Sahih al Bukhari (with the explanation of Qastalani) till the chapter of transactions – w. Shaykh Ammar
      2. Jami’ al Tirmithi – Chapter of Prayer w. Shaykh Akram Nadwi
      3. Bulugh al Maram (By Ibn Hajar) w. Shaykh Ammar
      4. Alfiyyah ibn Malik (By Ibn Malik) w. Shaykh Ammar
      5. Laamiyah al Af’aal (By Ibn Malik) w. Shaykh Salim al Qahtani
      6. Alfiyyah al Iraqi (By Al Hafith al Iraqi) w. Shaykh Ammar
      7. Maraqi as Saud (usul)  (By Abdullah bin Haaj al Alawi) w. Shaykh Ammar
      8. Al-Jazariyah (By Ibnul Jazari) w. Shaykh Abdul Rashid Sufi (of Somalia)
      9. Al-Itqaan fi Ulum al Quran (by Asyuti) w. Shaykh Ammar
      10. Aqeedah Tahawiyyah (by al Tahawi) w. Shaykh Imran Patel
      11. Aqeedah al Wasitiyyah (by Ibn Taymiyyah) w. Shaykh Tarwneh
      12. Aqeeedah Al-Tadmuriyyah (by Ibn Taymiyyah) w. Shaykh Abdullah Ujayri
      13. Risaalah in Ta’weel (By al Yaman al Mu’limi) w. Shaykh Abdullah Ujayri
      14. Raheeq al Mukhtoom (By al- Mubarakphuri) w. Shaykh Imran Patel
      15. Tafsir of Kashaf (selected chapters) (by al Zamakhshari) w. Shaykh Akram Nadwi
      16. Al Mufasal (by al Zamakhshari) w. Shaykh Akram Nadwi
      17. Al-Usul an ilm Al-Usul – By Ibn Uthaymeen w. Mr. Wehelie Khalif
      18. Zaad al Mustaqn’– In Hanbalite Fiqh (by Al-Hajawi) w. Shaykh Omar al Ghazali
      19. Umdah al Fiqh – in Hanbalite Fiqh (by Ibn Qudaamah) w. Shaykh Imran Patel
      20. Al-Mughni -selected chapters – by Ibn Qudaamah w. Shaykh Akram Nadwi
      21. Al-Wajeez fi Usul al Fiqh -selected chapters – by Abdul Kareem Zaydaan w. Shaykh Ahmed Makawi
      22. Usul as Sunnah -selected chapters – by Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal – w. Shaykh Adil bin Ahmed
      23. Al-Rad ala al Jahmiyyah -selected chapters – by Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal w. Shaykh Adil bin Ahmed
      24. Hujjatulah al Baligha -selected chapters – by Shah Wali Allah al Dehlawi w. Shaykh Akram al Nadwi
      25. 25. Ahkaam al Sultaniyah by Al-Mawardi -selected chapters – w. Shaykh Ahmed al Makawi Among other things.

Among other things.

Published Books and Publications include:

The Double Standard: Media Reactions to Zionist Terror 2023

Burhan – 2021

Kalam Cosmological Arguments, 2019

Fifth-Wave Feminism, 2019

A Treatise on Liberal Critiques of Ridda, 2019

The Scientific Deception of the New Atheists, 2020

Notable Posts.

      1. Co-Founder of Sapience Institute
      2. Academic Co-ordinator Islam Net
      3. Lecturer Mishkah University

Most Viewed Discussions and Most Notable Debates (mostly found on Mohammed Hijab’s YouTube Channel or through YouTube search)

      1. David Wood vs Mohammed Hijab – 2018
      2. Piers Morgan Uncensored. Palestine issue
      3. Piers Morgan Uncensored. Debate with Shmuley
      4. Oxford University Forum Debate – 2020
      5. Mohammed Hijab and Jordan Peterson 1 and 2 – 2021/22
      6. Mohammed Hijab and Andrew Tate Podcast 2022
      7. Mohammed Hijab vs Ayaan Hirsi Ali 2022
      8. Noam Chomsky Discussion – 2021
      9. Norman Finkelstein Discussion – 2020
      10. Finjaan Show (in Arabic) 2022

Media appearances

      1. Channel 4, on Leicester Unrest between Hindutva and Muslims
      2. BBC, on Zionism and Palestine rights
      3. ITV, on Gender Wars
      4. Piers Morgan Uncensored. Palestine issue
      5. Piers Morgan Uncensored. Debate with Shmuley

Notable online Series include

      1. Al-Londoniyyah – Sapience Institute YouTube Channel
      2. Shubuhaat Series – Sapience Institute YouTube Channel
      3. Modern Trends – Sapience Institute YouTube Channel
      4. Shubuhaat Series – Sapience Institute YouTube Channel
      5. Sapient Thoughts (Scientific “mistakes” series) -Sapience Institute YouTube Channel
      6. Arguments from the Quran – Sapience Institute YouTube Channel
      7. 99 names of Allah – Sapience Institute YouTube Channel